Here is an almost complete list of Dutch gabber and hardcore labels, compiled with the help of Edit

100% Hardcore
160 BPM Speedlimit
2 Phase Records
289 Records
2B Free Records
5th Gear
80 Aum Records
Asbest Tracks
Aussie Records
Babyboom Records
Babyboom Special
Bad Vibes Records
Baldhead Records
Bionic Recordings
Boomtown Beats
Boomtown Beats Enhanced Series
Brainless Hardcore
Brrr Records
Bunkör Beats
BZRK Records
Bzrk Records Black Label
Cardiac Platinum Collection
Catscan LTD
Cenobite Records
Chronic Records
Coffee Core
Coolman Records
Coolman Specials
Cr8tiv Response
CS Entertainment
Culture Shock Records
Cunt Records
D-Stroy Records
Dada Rekords
Dance International Records
Dark And Evil
Darryls Choice
Dead Fly Cuts
Death Blow
Devil Records
Digital Overkill
Digital Overload
DNA Tracks
Dom Records
Dorpzicht Hardrecoredings
Dreamteam Productions
Dutch Gabber Network Records
Dwarf Records
E-hal Records
Enzyme K7
Enzyme Records
Enzyme VIP
Enzyme X
European Rave Records
Exodus Records
Fast Forward
Fix Party
Fix Records
Forze Records
Gabberhead Records
Gabberkings Records
Gangsta Audiovisuals
Geef 8 Records
Genosha One Seven Five
Genosha Recordings
Gizmania-X Records
Goblins Records
Goldfish Records
Guilty Records (2)
Haberdasher Records
Hard Attack Records
Hard Compound Records
Hard Stuff Records
Hardcorps (Netherlands)
Haunted House Records
Hell Recordings
Hellbound Records
Hellraiser Records
Hellsound Records
HighHat Recordings (Netherlands)
Hong Kong Violence
Hool Recordings
Industrial Movement
Inferno Records
Jee-Beat Base
John Doe Records
K.N.O.R. Records
Kamikaze Records
Limited Shit
LSO Records
Madness Records
Magere Hein
Master Maximum Records
Masters Of Hardcore
Megarave Records
Mokum Records
Napalm Rave Records
Neophyte Records
Noculan Records
Noisekick Records
Offensive Records
Overload Records
Pendeho Records
Pengo Records
Plain House
Point .44 Records
Point To Point
Point X
Power House Records (The Netherlands)
Powerrave Records
Praying Mantis Productions
Pro Artist Management
R.N.O. Records
Rave Records
Rave Tracks
Ravers Religion
Raw Fuel
Re-fuse Special
Revolution Records
Rex Records (2)
Riot Row Records
Rotterdam Records
Rotterdam Records Classics
Rotterdam Records Special
Rotterdam Terror Corps
Ruffneck Records
Rush Attack Records
Sacred Forces Limited
Sacred Underground Productions
Samurai Records
Satanic Grooves
Scarface Records (2)
Shadowlands Records
Skip Records
Smokum Records
Supreme Intelligence
T.I.T. Records
Terror Traxx
Test Crash Records
The Third Movement
Thunderdome Records
Trashcan Records
Tricky Traxx
TriPax Records
Triple-B Records
Underground House Movement
Underground Society Records
Unknown Species Records
Vince Records
VIP Classics
VIP Records (3)
Viper Beatz
Wasted Vinyl
White Label (2)
X-ecute Records
XXX Rated
Z 001 Records
Zero Tolerance
Zware Jongens

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